Some questions about a project i'm working on

Hey guys, I need a little bit of help and guidance on a project I'm working on. The idea of the project is to use a Bosch BME280 sensor to measure and send the readings to the Arduino. Next, using the module CC3000 Click (linked below) connected to the Arduino, i want to create some kind of a IoT meteorology station. Arduino should send the information to the phone to some app. And I want to ask some quick questions which i'm not sure about.

The part that I'm curious about is hooking up the CC3000 WiFi module in the form of the CC3000 Click by Mikroelektronika. Now, I know that this particular module works on 3.3V and the analog/digital I/O pins by Arduino work on 5V, also Tx/Rx on the module are on 1.8V. If i make a voltage divider using two resistors on a breadboard, will it be possible to use Arduino->Divider->CC3000 to make sure i don't burn the chip on the circuit?

The second question is, since i see that this circuit uses CC3000MOD, i'm not sure if i can use the existing Androino apps found on the google play store to read data sent from my sensor. Can i use those apps, or would i have to somehow make my own?

Finally, about the Arduino code, is it possible to use an example already found in the Arduino software which I will modify, or do I have to write to code from scratch? I would appreciate if you can post some material or sites where i can read up on how to send info via wi-fi (i'm already googling and looking myself, but any tips and more material is appreciated).

Thanks in advance, i hope you guys can help me out :D

I don't know the answer but you will probably get help more quickly if you edit your Original Post and change the title to something informative like "How do I use a CC3000 WiFi module?"


ESP8266 based Arduinos (WeMos, NodeMCU, etc.) are more commonly used here. They have everything onboard, including storage for sensors. No separate Arduino needed. Read this guide. Leo..