Some questions about Xbee

Hey there,

I am working on a school project which requires a communication between my arduino platform and my PC(java). As far as i know the best solution is using two XBee's. Before buying these XBee's i want to make sure that i excactly know what i am doing. Now my questions are: What kind of XBee's should i use? I've google quite alot but since there are so many differnt types it is a hard choice. Are there other things i should be aware of? I heard somthing about a shield What items do i need to settle this communication? Cables, Chips , Software? What total price am i facing?

Some information: The communication range is around 1 kilometer to a mile. The board is a Mini 168

I tried to google most of these things but i didn't manage to create a good picture. I was hoping you guys could give me some tips.

Thanks a lot!

Everyone has great hopes in regards RF communications, but reality has a way of bursting
the bubble. The best distance you’ll get from XBee modules is on the order of maybe 300
feet line-of-sight, using XBee “Pro” modules. I don’t think there are any modules that plug
into XBee socket that get longer range. Maybe someone else knows.

Also, forget about using 2.4 Ghz [XBee module band] devices, as they are all short range,
look for something in the 433 Mhz band.