Some robot "behaviors"

I have some time to tinker with my little bot here:

I'm going to re do the whole chassis and I was thinking about "teaching" him a little more.

Maybe a photoresistor to make him afraid of the dark and perhaps reverse if he wandered under a table, maybe switch some lights on too. That and perhaps a 2nd US sensor in the back so he would "startle" if the dog sniffed his butt :P

Any input, ideas? Nothing fancy or elaborate, just some simple stuff.

Building on the photoresistor ideas, you could have the robot be both light-fleeing and light-seeking at the same time. Basically, your robot would have three sections on the photoresistor’s output range: “Too Dark”, “OK”, and “Too Bright”. All you would need to do is define two specific analog input values as thresholds and have a specific function to respond to each of the “Too Dark” and “Too Bright” conditions (usually the “OK” condition would just let the rest of the sketch do its thing). An example would be a robot that’s “afriad” of an unlit room, or as you suggested the shadow cast by a table, so it tries to find a brigther area; is fine in a normally lit room and/or outdoors; but backs away when exposed to a nearby camera flash or other very bright light.

This can also be the foundation to more complex behaviors, especially if the exact response can be varied based on readings of other sensors.