Some salvaged VHS components... Some unknown

Hello all,

I just finished pulling apart an old Panasonic VHS player and have managed to score some decent components. I was able to salvage a whole bunch of capacitors and a few resistors. Also I managed to get another IR receiver, something that I’ve been needing for a while. On top of that I was able to scrounge a few RCA jacks, transformers, push button switches, a 3.579545 crystal and a couple of NPN transistors.

I also managed to get myself two more IR LEDs from the original remote and a replacement.

That being said I’ve pulled a few components that I am unable to find any information on and I am curious as to what they do. I will attach the pics below. If anyone has any idea as to there purpose it would make me very happy! :slight_smile:

The first one is some sort of IC from an ancient remote and the second is some sort of spinning thing. I’m curious if the spinning thing is measuring RPM.

The spinning thing is the video tape record/playback heads see this.
The chip I have no idea about.

I found a site that is offering to sell that IC. It also has a link to the datasheet, but requires sign-in information.