Some sort of displays - how to use them?

Well I again found an old piece of junk somewhere. An since I like junk I have to know what this is. I think that these are some kind of individual displays (numeric or hexadecimal is my guess) in some sort of a module. If anyone has an idea what this is and if it could be used in some way - please share.

Looks like some kind of VFD.

Perhaps if we knew what it came out of we might have a slightly better idea.


It was in the "electronic" trash at a renault factory. ;D Other than that - I don't know.

Hmm, just looks like a VFD but regarding how to control it... Not sure. It might be bust anyway...


The whole thing doesn't seem damaged at all. I recieved 4 seven segment displays a while back from the same trash and they were wroking like a charm.

As for the numbers - I have already been searching and this is what I found:

  • 8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller (8632K)

These are from the two biggest ICs. Problem is that none of the numbers are a complete match. Also everything seems to be from NEC.

That is what I have been trying to do. But with no luck. I just get obsolete component sellers, everyone that has a datasheet mentioned just links me to

The main part number being FC20X1NA
also NEC-14B
and 151-860110

I found this:

 Char. Per Line :   20
Lines Per Display :  1
Char. Height (mm) :  9.0
Char. Font Type :  5x7 Dot
Type of Char. Set :  JIS
Char. Set Size :  204
Color :  Green
Overall Length (mm) :  259
Overall Height (mm) :  30
Overall Depth (mm) :  11
View Width (mm) :  215
View Height (mm) :  26
Type of Display :  Fluorescnt
Nom. Supp Volt :  5
Sec. Supp Volt : 
Minimum Operating Temp ([ch1096]C) :  -5
Maximum Operating Temp ([ch1096]C) :  60

Read more:

I know where the power goes because it has a connector labeled + -. The other similar displays usualy have the test pin also but this doesn't.

The 8042s are usually interfaced to an 8-bit microprocessor bus, with standard pin assignments for data lines and read/write strobes. It's been a while since I used one, but my recollection is that there's also a separate pin to select between "data" and "command" registers. The datasheet should have a sample circuit showing them.

Some progress. I figured out where it came from. It was some sort of messuring equipment. The two boards and those switches were also part of the same "instrument".

On these boards there are writings like:
COSMA CLAVIER (on the board with switches)

And on the back there is always cirelec.

The PCBs were probably manufactured by cirelec (an electronic firm from France).

I also found this site:
There is a pinout for a VFD module. But there are only 20 pins listed - mine has 26 pins.

On those boards there are two NEC UPD71055 ICs. The datasheet says that these are Parallel interface units.