Some suggestions...

Hello everyone! I'm very new in arduino and I'm thinking of building a project for real time monitoring. There should be photocells for input , a wireless adapter for streaming data to a pc ,store it, and have graphical display (real time if possible).

Can someone help getting somehow started

Thank you in advance

Difficult to advise as we don't know your knowledge or background, but start in small steps. How many photocells ? What type? Store the data on the arduino or pc?

For this particular project you'll probably need an Arduino Mega2560.


There would be maximum 4 photocells (beam type) and I would like to store the data to PC via wireless connection! As for background knowledge I can program in Java and Processing!

Many thanks for your reply (and sorry for my English)

Anyone please?

An arduino mega isn't neccesary but I can't hurt to have for expansion you'll need some sort of wifi module, srry I haven't tried any yet, unless you are close to the pc and go bluetooth in which you could send data like serial to the computer to play with on processing, those are about 10$ sd modules are cheap on ebay and easy to integrate for storing data, usually around 4-10$ the ldr or photocell you get will probably vary on your needs adafruit makes a nice 2.8in tft touchscreen breakout for like 40$ I think, I've used that twice as an interface and for display and it works great

Some more info would help but lets go with what we got.

Do you need wireless? Sparkfun had a number of wifi modules. Photocells - Sparkfun has some small photo cells but not sure what you doing. More than one controller...then you may need xbee or maybe not. There are several application which you can interface with Ardunio. Search this web site for a list. I have never used them but perhaps someone may want to comment.

More details then we can make better suggestions.

Thanks a lot for the info! Anyone with different thoughts please stop by

Chris, how about you make a start, then ask for help when or if you get stuck? Get yourself an arduino and a suitable LCD and make them talk to each other. Or perhaps an arduino and the photocells that you need.