Some type of e-ink NFC screen

Hello guys, I was buying some stuff when I found a broken e-ink price label on the floor. Now it's mine >:( >:( and I want to use it but I don't know how :confused:

It seems to have some outputs and inputs (VCC GND, ...) but I'm not sure how to use them. There is a connector in the right with the next text: WFS029CF19 LW (maybe a production number) I put here some photos of the screen.

I looked for tutorials of e-ink screens, found something but I couldn't do anything with them because were different models.

What can I do with the screen. It's cool haha :smiley:

What can I do with the screen. It's cool haha :smiley:

You can return it to the place you stole it from.

You said it's broken, so what makes you think it's worth using?
If you really don't think it's broken, then you lied.

It was in a capsule that I found opened in the floor, and the parts of it were there too. I picked up only the screen. Thank you for your "help" :smiley:

Forget about it. Even if you had any idea of its make, it'd be proprietary.
You could always go back to that store and try to steal a transmitter.
Maybe get a job working there first. They might train you on how they work.

Don't waste your time on me if you don't know want to help. Next time just ignore the post.

You're right, definitely a waste of time trying to help someone who doesn't want to hear that they can't do what they want to do.

I was asking if someone knows something about the topic. And you didn't answer anything about the topic, just treating me like a thieft and kidding me. Don't answer if you aren't going to contribute with anything. This is not yahoo :smiley:

What test equipment do you have access to?

treating me like a thieft

Is there another term you prefer for someone who takes something that isn't theirs?

Another fallen ESL. We will see more of these, more similar posts.

Assuming the ESL made its way out of a shop as "Beifang" immediately comes to mind, but does not need to be the case.

The fallen ESL can have become a broken case, and thus useless for the shop owner.

So I assume you have asked the shop owner or a sales person if he wants to discard this device.

The display seems to be a 2.9inch e-paper display. The flexible connection parts seems different to the one I have. But you can compare yours to the Waveshare or Good Display ones.

See Waveshare e-paper displays with SPI - Displays - Arduino Forum and follow the links there.