Some UNO compatible boards don't work on chromebook

Now that I have thoroughly investigated this I can say that :

  1. Some Uno compatible boards that work fine on the IDE and also using CREATE on a Win10 pc are not recognised by CREATE on the chromebook
  2. The common element to this is that when they are recognised on Win10 in both IDE and CREATE they show as using port 4 whereas boards that work also on chromebook use port 1
  3. I guess that the version of CREATE on chromebook will not recognise those compatible Uno boards that work using port 4

It would be a great help if something could be done about this as it seems that quite a lot of compatible boards that I have tried (borrowed from friends) do seem to use port 4

Different devices may show different ports.
This is especially true with windows OS !

Each OS has different methods for naming and assigning the COM port sometimes based on a serial number or PID or VID.

Windows will try keep that port to that device but can easily end up having another device take its place and forcing the original device to acquire a new COM port.

Other OS may act in similar ways but I am not savvy enough to be 100% sure.

CLONE type boards have been known to supercede a prior COM port assignment on occasion as may some boards that have dual ports eg the regular upload port or the bootloader port as seen on MKR series boards and some others.