Some various questions.

Firstly, i wish tell everybody hello and that i am new here.

I just ordered an Arduino NG with USB. Unfortunately, they were not in stock where i ordered them from :( I will have to wait an undefined amount of weeks now :( Or, i could change my order to a Arduino Mini instead because they are in stock. This is not my most important question, but it could be good to take in account for my next question.

I have also ordered an CMUcam1. If you are not familiar with it then you can find information about it here:

I wish to connect the CMUcam to my Arduino board but im not really sure about how all this stuff works. The CMUcam serial port works at 115,200 baud. I read a tutorial about how i could connect the CMUcam to the "Intellibot". The CMUcam where connected to the Micro-controller through the RX/TX pins and connected to those pins on the Micro-controller. The power where connected together with RX and TX pins on the micro controller, but seperatly on the CMUcam. Then there here nothing more needed to do, exept programming of course. So my question here isn't really how to connect things, i just need to know more about the baud on Arduino serial port. Do i really need to take account on that? Could i just connect it directly to the TX and RX pins (Digital 0 and 1 pins)? what is the baud directly out from the ATmega chip? It's here the issue if i should or should not change to Arduino Mini comes in. The Arduino NG has USB and that means higher baud out from the serial port right? BTW, digital pins 0 and 1 (RX and TX), are they processed in the same way as the RX and TX that goes out from the USB port? I think they go straight out from the ATmega chip right? The best would be if i bought a Arduino NG with RS232 port, right? Then i could connect the CMUcam directly to that port. Unfortunately i can't order it from the same site :( So, should i buy the Arduino Mini instead and build an own RS232 port that i can use both for connecting it to the Computer to program it and then to the CMUcam?

Im sorry if something was left unclear, im quite new to electronics. Tell me if i should specify or if there is something i doesn't seem to understand.

Have a good day everybody, Fredrik Andersson.

Its all solved now :D

Someone forgot to pick up his ordered Arduino NG so it got sent back to the store, and luckily, i got that one!

I also started reading about the Arduino programming language and saw that you can select which baud you want to use for the serial connection. So it was that easy after all :D

Have a good day everybody, Fredrik Andersson