someone can write a sketch

Hi, this project is very interesting but developer not release from many months the sketch. Can someone write it?

for free?

Gippopotam: for free?

I dont know, if you dont want for free you can do your offer.

Do you have clear and complete requirements of what need to be programmed?

these are no requirements but just what I thought to see (going quickly through the tube)

  • START STOP switch - from Arduino
  • POTMETER controlled FAN
  • + - buttons to control temperature
  • Edit button for temperature / time
  • Temperature sensor - type LM35
  • I2C display to show temperature
  • Countdown clock
  • ...

This should take max 3 days including testing

Can you elaborate the requirements? What type of temp sensor is used? Do you have the schematic?

PM me if you want discuss further.

update SCHEMATIC @13:20 in the tube

The potmeter and fan are not controlled by the Arduino (only on/off, not RPM) which is a pity as it would allow for more control