"Something goes wrong!"

Last Nov, under Ubuntu 19.10, I did manage to complete the starter tutorial to blink the LED on MKR1000 through IoT Cloud. Currently, under Ubuntu 20.04, I was trying to retrace my steps but failed to Setup a Device. Since I'm limited to only one Things, I used the previously defined Thing to add a new device from the farm where eight Arduino boards are working (including 1 MKR1000 and 1 Nano33 IoT BLE Sense) under Arduino IDE (v1.18.12).

When I attempt to setup a device (I could not do anything with the previously defined device and deleted it) for the IoT Cloud tutorial, only the MKR1000 is detected (and not the Nano33). In any case, I select the MKR1000 and proceed with the Configure wizard and after a few seconds, I get the message "We were not able to configure the Secure Element."

What are my mistake(s) in trying to assign a new device? I do not have access to any other desktop platform to practice this starter tutorial.


P.S. I ran FirmwareUpdater as described in https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/FirmwareUpdater but did not have any further success in adding a device in the IoT Cloud tutorial after this update.

WiFi101 firmware check.

WiFi101 shield: DETECTED
Firmware version installed: 19.6.1
Latest firmware version available : 19.6.1

Check result: PASSED