Something like an ARDULAB, please!

Hello all,
I am not sure where to put this topic exactly; maybe it is not overly misplaced here:
I am building scientific hardware based on Arduinos for a while. One thing I really would like to have is what the guys at seem to have accomplished: a datalogger MCU with USB-stickish easyness of downloading the data: plug and pull the data to your computer. Awesome! Does anybody have an idea on how this is accomplished? I neither do have the money for the chinese approach (buy one and reverse-engineer the crap out of it), nor do I know any other, simpler board that is alike. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer, so I cannot put something "easy" together in C or so to send a string or whatever of data to the serial monitor or a tailored program. I really mean a simple solution like the board appearing as a USB-stick in the explorer (or whatever it is called on a mac). If there are any hints, I would appreciate it very much.
I think this is something really usefull which seems to be missing in the entire arduino universe (hell, I'd return the esplora and the robot for anything like it). It would come in really handy in scientific experiments and would make some stuff a lot easier (like monitoring environmental conditions with a logger that can be read out and charged via an easy to seal mini-usb-port).
Again, any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance! Let's keep up the contribution!

This posts may help you:

that looks promising in deed. Maybe I can figure out how to access the onboard sd card and write all the files to the sketch folder. Thanks!

have you seen these?

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Hello all,
after not getting very far with my programming knowledge I found a solution, which is just really hard to solder, but should do the trick: the MAX14502. It should be even possible to make a shield with it, but I will clone a Leonardo and marry them together. Or look, what a surprise: is for sale | HugeDomains They published schematics! Yeah!