"Something went wrong" connecting Arduino Nano 33 IoT to cloud

I'm having issues connecting the Arduino Nano 33 IoT to the Arduino Cloud. I've followed your instructions but it doesn't work.

I am able to load "blink" onto the board fine.

When I follow your instructions for cloud, the Create Agent recognizes the Nano, and then I give it a "thing" name. Then it tries to "make your device iot-ready" for like 5 minutes before giving me the error message "something went wrong".

I've tried unplugging and replugging in the Nano. I've tried restarting the Create Agent. I've tried setting it to bootloader mode. None of these things work. My antivirus was claiming that the Create Agent was a virus and was quarantining it, but I also disabled antivirus. I've tried reinstalling the Create Agent.

In fact, after playing with things, now I cannot even get the cloud setup wizard to recognize the Nano as a device!

Update: solved by doing the following:

Reinstalling Create Agent.
Reboot computer.
Disable antivirus.

Run setup wizard for cloud...

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Ok. I thought that fixed things, but I'm still running into a lot of errors.

It's not consistent what error message I get from wizard. In this case I'm trying the firmware update wizard.

I ended up having to update the firmware manually using the Desktop IDE rather than your firmware updater on the cloud.

The thing is, now the cloud is out of sync with my firmware on the device... And when I run the firmware updater to refresh this, I just get more errors.

Like I said before, I get one version of probably a half dozen different errors.

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