Something went wrong with my account it seems assigned to a different user

Hi bob

I reached maximum messages with the new user
after all the password changing tyring all passwords that I know did not work
I always get the message

I will try the forgot password option. But I have no hope that this will work

best regards Stefan

@pert you have admin privs please tale a look at this.

You will have to log in as " anon30226502" and do a name change.
Using "anon" actually anonomises you !

Your profile is safe and sound but the name change hid you LOL

The name change came from the Discourse forum software's "Anonymize User" feature:

I believe this is done automatically after you delete your linked account on

I remember you were asking about deleting your @StefanL38 account:

But I see that account is still alive and well. So this makes me suspect that you deleted your account that was linked to your @StefanL38 account.