Something's not working with my arduino nano

So I was sending data from my wii nunchuck through the serial port and everything was working fine, but then I accidentally tried running another program that uses the same port and I got an error message telling me another program was using that serial port. Now when I try running my original program, the nunchuck always sends out max values (joystick aways sends out 255 for x and y direction, even when I move it, and all the accelerometers send out 1023) and I don't know if I fried my nano, my nunchuck, or my USB, and I don't know what to do, can anyone help?


Edit: I was using the code and libraries from this page, by the way, if that helps in any way.

Edit 2: Never mind, I figured out I broke my wii nunchuck, since it worked when I switched it with another nunchuck.