Sometimes, I open questions because they're impossible to understand

Sometimes, I open questions simply because they are [u]impossible[/u] to understand...

I know this post isn't helpful, but the questions and wording are just so poor, or the OP has such a weak understanding of what and how a micro does what it does...

I apologise in advance of those with poor English skills, but to the others - keep it coming, your questions are extremely amusing :) .

If you're a newbie, say-so up front. We like to help, but if you pretend to be an arrogant turd, or disagree with free help and suggestions - expect the responses you get.

Hugs to all. Christmas in July

I fully agree with you.

.. If you're a newbie, say-so up front

I sometimes have the impression that some are not willing to learn and try to get to a higher level, but just copy and paste ready made solutions.

So I decided only to give further support, when the OP really digs deeper and tries to understand and follow the given advices. Ignorants won't be assisted in the future by me - that's a waste of time. My understanding is that this forum is not for couch potatoes :o :confused:

It's actually pretty amazing that Arduino has made microcontrollers accessible even to people who are unable to form simple sentences. I always wonder, if they can't manage to make themselves understood by me how are they ever going to deal with a compiler?

What intrigues me is the question of how someone who can't frame a comprehensible and relevant question can expect to write a successful computer program.

The harshest Forum pundit is a pussycat compared to the unforgiving compiler.


Robin2: The harshest Forum pundit is a pussycat compared to the unforgiving compiler.

I wish I could rewrite the compiler and change all the messages to quotes by PaulS.

The "does not name a type" error could be, "Hey stupid, this line belongs in a function"

"void value not ignored" becomes "It's stupid to try to use the return value of a function that doesn't return anything."

At least those error messages are understandable! Unlike many compiler messages.


My favourite would be “Hey, we found an assignment (=) inside an if() and we think you might have meant the logical equality operator (==). We’ve fixed this for you now, but this is your last warning.”

But sometimes I do that on purpose.

Sometimes I stub my toe on purpose.

MorganS: Sometimes I stub my toe on purpose.

Yeah but that hurts. Sometimes an assignment in an if is useful. Although I do tend to do that more with while loops than if statements.

char c;

//  This will terminate when I hit a null at the end of a string
while (c ={
   //  do something with c

Sometimes, … July

There do seem to be a lot of hit&runs here, right? The supplicant will ask a fairly detailed question, then never return, while the answers pile up.

A coincidental fact is:

Adjunct college teachers are paid approximately minimum wage when you take the time it takes to develop their classes and assess their students. Course banks are freely available. Arduinos take some time to develop good course work, but many projects are available online. An easy assignment is to research the internet and find an electronic project to demonstrate [stoichiometry, balancing robit, dcost/dlife, … whatever topic-du-jour].

NOTE:Most questions are answered verbatim. Nearly all questions are answered with only slight generalization.