Sonar distance through Arduino converted to speech...

Not sure if this is possible but I would like to use a sonar module coupled to an arduino board (already done) and convert the output to speech. I am working on a device that would be able to help a blind person hear the distance to an object in front of the sonar module. This is the basic project concept. Any help would be much appreciated...

and convert the output to speech.

A bit tricky. Get a wave shield and record the numbers zero to twenty. Also the numbers thirty, forty and so on up to a hundred. Then write software to convert a number into one or more of these samples.

Try out the Talkie library. It uses software-only speech synthesis and is very easy to use, for example to convert numbers into speech. Some of the speech synthesis codings sound better than others, so experiment!

You can listen to my "weather station" example. (slightly modified for a non-Arduino Pololu Orangutan) here:

You will need an audio amplifier of some sort connected to the port pin. Don't try to connect a speaker to a port pin, as some do, as you might damage the pin or even the Arduino.

Just as a thought, converting the distance to an audio output frequency would be trivial to implement for a proof-of-concept.

YMMV, but I would have thought a varying tone giving a continuous indication of the distance might actually be easier to use than a voice reading out the distance at intervals, anyway. (In other words, the quick hack might actually be the better solution.)

I now have most of the hardware for the project and after looking at the responses have decided to pursue the wave shield suggestion post. I have a HC-SR04 sensor, a arduino nano for the processor, still awaiting the adafruit wave shield.

Because the sonar sensor arrangement is not exactly what I need I am considering removing the round hardware from the HC-SR04 board and using it in a remote arrangement that I plan to build myself. Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? It appears that those can be de-soldered, I plan to use shielded wire (approximately 4 feet) to re-connect them to the board.

Thanks for your Help..