Sonar System Project: 5v and VCC pin turning off board

I am very new to the world of Arduino and electronics so let me try to explain what is wrong with my program and hopefully someone can help me. I am building a sonar system with a ground pin, ultrasonic ping sensor, and the Arduino UNO. I have the GND pin on sensor connected to Arduino ground, Echo pin to 8, Trig pin to 9 and they are all running fine. In order for the sonar system to function i need to connect the VCC to the 5v, but when I do this my board turns off. If someone could let me know how to fix this problem it would be wonderful!

I think the issue is the board is shorting upon vcc and 5v connection but as I am new I do not understand how to fix this.

Is there another way I can connect them without the board turning off or another connection method that would get the same results.

Please post a diagram of your circuit. A photo of a pencil and paper circuit diagram will do.

It sounds like your sonar unit is defective and is shorting Vcc to Ground. Measure the resistance between the Vcc and Ground pins. If it is very low (under 200 Ohms) check the board for solder bridges.