Sonix OID with Arduino

I'd like to use the Sonix OID with the arduino but I have some difficulties in writing the code.
The sensor uses a 2 wires communication but I still can't find a way to make it work even after I read it's datasheet .
I wanna know if any one ever worked in a similar project or is there an alternative for this sensor.
PS: the sensor is an image decoder which operate exactly as an RFID but with images.
You'll find the datasheet link below.

and here is a sensor's image:


This sensor uses a proprietary 2-wire interface. You should be able to follow that protocol using a 3.3V Arduino (the sensor is not 5V tolerant) but the linked documentation isn't sufficient to implement that as only the physical interface is described and no information about the semantic (what does a byte read mean).

Without additional documentation you probably won't be able to use that sensor.


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