sonoff g1 security mod, "urgent" help needed for newbie

HI all, compleeete newbie here:

ok so, my situation is as follows:

i am going away for a break on the 31st of december.

there have been a few robberies recently in our area, so i cleverly purchased a popular wifi based home security camera system (doh)

since then i have discovered the wonderful world of deauth attacks.

yesterday, all my wifi devices dropped offline and remained so for 10 minutes, despite router showing my connection was fine.

ive no idea if this was a deauth attack or not, but now im panicking about going away!

given its christmas, i dont even have time to order any specific hardware.

however i do have a couple of these lying around:

which are shown in ewelink app as sonoff g1 switches, so esp8266 based.

i also have a usb to serial adapter for flashing.

my idea, is to load the deauth detector code here:

onto this device, modified to trigger the relay output when an attack is detected.

the relay would trigger my ancient wired home alarm.

hopefully this might scare away any attacker.

my "stretch goal" if the above is even possible, would be to also incorporate this code:

which attempts to access the deauther using default username and password, changes the user/ password, and resets the device... that should confuse/stop the least technical of attackers.

my BIG problem, is i have never done any coding, and have never used esp8266/arduino before.

im fairly confident i can understand how to use arduino on pc to upload code to the 8266, but beyond that, im lin a new country.

my other big problem, obviously, is i am going away in 1 week..

can anyone help?

many thanks, Robin.