Sony AM309-3 A color LCD


I recently acquired a Sony AM309-3 A color LCD (from an old Canon A60 camera). This LCD looks great but I can't find any datasheet for it.
I'd like to interface it to an Arduino Board in order to monitor various parameters in my MediaCenter HTPC.
Kindof difficult without the datasheet.
Any insight welcome :wink:

I found a similar question posted here and the answer is not really encouraging:



Yes, I've seen that thread and it's funny how some say it can't be done.
Of course it can be done. Unfortunately I don't have enough displays to go the trial-and-error way ;). A datasheet would really help

Write to Sony and ask for a copy.

Write to Sony and ask for a copy.

Did that twice 4 months ago. Still waiting for the reply :-/

Eh, they are butt heads. Try sparkfun for some very nice LCDs. I think the Nokia clones have been used with the Arduino.


I'm looking for a Sony AM309-3 A to repair my A60.
Don't you want to sell yours?

Kind regards

Just got one of these out of an old broken Sony DSC-P2 camera. I'd be really interested in using it with the Arduino, too!

Yeah even i have the same LCD. Can anyone help us :o