Sony Smart TV Remote -- Can Arduino Help?

I own a Sony X800H Smart TV. For television we still use the cable provider who supplies their own cable box + remote. I have to use the Smart TV remote to switch to TV then i have to use the cable operator's remote to change the channel.

I want to use the Smart TV remote for everything since it is feature rich with other commands for the television. I was hoping to have some middle-man Arduino kit in place to watch for the Smart TV channel up/down signals and then to convert & transmit those signals to the cable box.

I put together a kit to receive and send IR signals. From what i can tell the Smart TV remote does not consistently transmit the Channel Up/Down signals via IR -- i'd say 1% of the time. I have no clue why it isnt consistent. The remote definitely makes use of Bluetooth when communicating with the television, certainly for Voice Assistant.

Has anyone been able to enhance their Sony Smart TV remote?

Are you assuming your TV is using IR.
Later generation TV's could use RF (bluetooth).
Try controlling the TV while the remote is in your pocket.

After some tests i believe you are right in that the smart tv remote is 99.99% bluetooth.

Is it possible to do some bluetooth man in the middle translation with arduino -- it listens for the smart tv remote bluetooth signal for channel up/down and numbers then converts it to IR for the cable box? That is, is it possible to have the remote pair with the Arduino (and communicate) but still have it paired with the TV?

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