Sorry, new forum format sucks!

Jerky scrolling, sometimes failing to load, wasted space layout, smaller print, etc. A long time back I thought the change to light orange post subjects on a light background was bad, now this lame setup. On another computer I get some notification that the new forum won't work well with IE and to get some tutti-frutti browser. I'm sure who ever made the forum change has good intentions, but long story short, it sucks.

In particular the lack of a Replies button will make keeping up more time consuming at best.
Perhaps the goal is to cut down on posts?

I am having no halts of jerkiness running on a 768k connect and Mozilla browser.

I don't have these issues in other forums, or commercial web sites that rely on customer satisfaction for repeat business. I'm sure somebody meant well, but this forum is one ugly baby now. :frowning:

Screen capture (not even maximized) showing the wasted space and mismatched type size.

Somewhere there's a web designer with a very big screen and inverse IQ.
But I want to see important things fixed first, the top bar does scroll up.

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I don't have these issues in other forums, or commercial web sites that rely on customer satisfaction for repeat business.

Really? I don't think I've ever met a forum (commercial or otherwise) that wasn't annoying in one way or another.

The "unread replies" button MUST COME BACK, though!

The "unread replies" button MUST COME BACK, though!

A looong time back, I bookmarked my reply page into my bookmark bar, so yes I agree in principle it should come back but it doesn't worry me!

I also have bookmarked an edited Unread url, which only shows the unread posts from the boards that interest me, which is pretty much all the ones in English:;boards=2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,66,67,14,15,18,24,25,29,1;

Well, 2 wants down. Unread Replies and Latest Posts are both up!

Maybe that unused space will get used later.

I can't say about IE compatibility. M$ have their own special off standard ways.

How hard can it be to get a stable and readable forum like below? In the news today Intel is getting involved with the arduino platform, so maybe they will start a well maintained forum for their product.

I guess some people would complain even if they won the lottery :astonished:
Personally I haven't used IE for at least 7 yrs, maybe longer?
I don't have any problems with Firefox or Firefox on Ubuntu
The only reason I keep IE is to update MS Windows (various flavours :))
I'm happy I got my board to blink, particularly as it's so easy to change blink timing :smiley:
Now I have stuff installed on computer I can start learning something new

It's obvious that a lot of effort has been put into the new layout, but what I can't figure out is why. I can see lots of changes, but not a single solitary one which actually constitutes an improvement. Now the top quarter of my screen is wasted with a mostly-blank blue bar. The designer clearly knew it was wasted space, because usually (but not always) when I scroll down it's replaced with a much thinner bar that has all the same information apart from a search field. And even in the thinner bar there is easily enough space to include the search field, come to that. I don't need the clever floating menu bar - I'm quite capable of finding the top of the page if I want it, and I'd much rather use that space for something useful, like the forum content I came here to see.

It's all very impressive, but I'd much rather have the old interface back. It wasn't perfect, but the new one is no better.

I guess some people would complain even if they won the lottery :astonished:

Obviously some people like the taste of a sh*t sandwich. :roll_eyes:

Perhaps if there were more bread, there'd be less filling?

Or maybe those spaces have future purpose?

Well, a couple days in, the forum seems to be working ok, even on my Samsung S3. Looks good in ladscape mode now, before was really awkward to use.

Could use Unread Posts on each page on desktop (using Chrome), little awkward having to go to forum home page each time.