Sort out that damn Shift-Backspace

Ok I know that loads of people have said this in the past but this issue is still plaguing us! I hate that stupid thing and is one of the few reasons I would prefer another editor (this and intelisense… hmmm inteli…)

It really should be fixed for 1.0

Also the ‘ALT+’ windows shortcut please… every time i press ‘ALT+F’ i end up typing ‘F’ into my code…


The shift-backspace thing is addressed in the latest versions of Processing, so it will probably be corrected in the next Arduino release, 1.0 or not.

wow, i’m really glad thats an error. i just stumbled upon it the other day and i thought it was a reallly inconvenient feature x]

Sorry I don’t understand-- what’s the problem with this combo? Handy on a Mac, since there’s no “Delete” on my notebook.

The problem is that it is very easy to accidentally hit backspace while still holding shift key for previous character(s).

BTW, on the Macs, you can do a forward delete in any application by pressing the delete key while holding down the fn key.

Did not know that-- thanks! Still hard (er, impossible) to do one-handed…:slight_smile: I’d prefer a toggle for it in preferences than having it go away, but I won’t cry if it’s gone forever in 1.0.

I agree it needs removing.

Could we also have shift+del, shift+insert for cut’n’paste?