[Sorted for now] Need boost circuit - from 8.4Vdc to 9Vdc (up to 12Vdc max)


I'm in a pickle, I'll be attending a rally this weekend (leaving Thursday) and I need a boost circuit for my external battery pack for my GH2 camera. I've ordered a 8.4V NiMH battery pack that was tested by another user about two years ago however it seems to be just a tad to low in voltage to be used as an external voltage supply due to the error message displayed on the camera which means the voltage is a tad too low. I can safely use up to 12Vdc however want to keep it at just over 9V. I do not have time to order a new battery (since I thought my battery would work perfectly fine at 8.4V) - a boost circuit seems the best option at this point, however, another will be to source a local 9V battery pack somewhere - unfortunately South Africa isn't as hooked up as other parts of the world and requires a lot of foot work to find what you are looking for - might not have time. Considering my options.

Can anyone help? I can build circuits, just don't have the knowledge to design one.

P.S. Wildbill, haven't had time to look at that "if" statements yet - been incredibally busy this side with work and car purchase and making ready for the rally filming.

You can look for a [u]boost or step-up regulator[/u], or a DC-to-DC Converter.

You can buy ready-to-go DC-DC converter modules, whereas you'd probably have to build the step-up regulator. Either way, I can't imagine that these solutions are going to be faster than obtaining a different battery.

@ DVDdoug.

I was thinking the same, just finding a battery locally for the weekend, however making something is so much more fun. Alas, as the day is running at work, my best bet is a different battery.

Thank for the links, much appreciated. 8)