SOS...Arduino due Broken min USB


after waiting to receive My Arduino Due , i did unpack it plug it and start seeing the fixture ,my son run next to me and he pull the cable and he actually removed the two mini USB from the board ,i cannot weld them back , they are too small to do the job ,kindly advise a way to program the board .

this is my first participation , if any procedure to followed please advise .

just i would like to repeat that this my son school ,and i am note a technical Peron like some of you , i love the challenge and i don't like to be defeated with a small obstacle , but i know my limit .
thank you all ,and i hope for the best.

Do you have a warranty for that?
The only thing to do is solder them back on. It might actually be possible to use a type A socket (like the one on the Uno) soldered to the pads where the USB was.
It might be better to get a new board. However, the board is no longer manufactured by
Also look at this(click) This guy is trying to use a USB-Serial converter to program the Due.

I would try to solder them straight back on first.

If that's not possible - maybe buy a Sparkfun 3V3 FDTI breakout and wire it in - but that would be difficult, ugly and fragile to use. The circuit diagram and board layout files are at Due product page.

Personally, if re-soldering did not work, I'd throw it in the bin and just buy another Due.

thank you guys for you help , and yes i agree to throw it in the bin , but the problem that to order one from State it will take 4 weeks ,and time it is critical .
any way good job and thank for trying.

Try eBay ... I brought a couple of Due's that were stocked locally (Australia) so I didn't have to wait for it to come from states. You may be lucky...

Maybe next time buy 2 boards, so you've got a spare when/if something bad happens while working on a time-critical project.