SOS..Experience Demmel iLCD with Arduino Mega ??

Hello all,

Anyone experience with the demmel iLCD communication with Arduino??
I know both can communicate with each other through RxTx, but with the givin datasheet of Demmel,
i couldnt manage to read any values from the RxTx pins to show the values on the display…



choose a different serial port other than the primary, or use SoftSerial. You are probably getting conflict with the USB/UART connection if you are trying to use main serial port, as it's also the connection to your computer and all that.

SoftwareSerial (and there's also NewSoftwareSerial, which fixes a few issues.. but anyway..) is what you want. You can define a serial port on any two digital pins you want, and that will be your LCD connection. Trying to piggyback serial connections ends poorly :)

OR, since you have a MEGA... use the secondary serial port rather than the primary.

Well i am using the pins 17,18,GND of the Mega to connect it to the iLCD Demmel - USB Board pins 5,6,GND But i have to convert the command in a way to compile it right. I cant complie this from the arduino:

\i! \iCK\D100\D50 \iDTHello World222!\0

So i need to convert it to something else i guess. But what? Btw, Baudrate is set right "115200" and Serial1 is chosen right. Cables connected right.

Anyone idea?