Sound activated LEDs

Hello, I don't have the kit yet, but this thread would be a deciding factor for me. Im looking to start a simple project:

I need to have a 12v LED strip light up when sound is detected. The LED strip would be powered by a molex connector from a PSU.

Would the basic arduino be able to do this? Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

don’t know what a molex is, but: basically yes: some speakers to detect sound, and then transistors for the 12V to power you LEDstrip.
Will be possible!

Molex is a brand of connector.

An Arduino can certainly do what you have described. The switching of the LED is simple using a transistor (logic level MOSFETS are my favorite). The hardest part will be the external components and design of the audio detection method. A mic will not work wired directly to an Arduino as it will need amplification and scaling to work properly with the 0-5vdc analog input range. Also the coding to detect a valid signal Vs just background noise will be a task you will have to work on. Here is a microphone and amplifier assembly from SparkFun, even if you don't wish to buy it the listing has a link to it's schematic drawing that may be helpful if you DIY.