Sound data to pc, on pc record and amplify the sound data(max4466, esp8266)

Hello guys, Im trying to make electronic stethoscope and Im curious to do this which I want is I want to send sound data to pc with esp8266 and it needs to be amplified and recorded on pc. Is it possible if it isnt what can ı do any suggestions

Why can't you use the microphone input on your soundcard/laptop?

If you need more gain you can use the 4466 (or some other preamp) but there should be no need for anything digital.

it needs to be wireless so i cannot use the microphone input on my laptop. What can ı use for anything digital

You re just sending bytes to the PC. How are you creating the bytes on the Arduino? What is the range of values you are sending? Are you storing the bytes on the PC? How are you using the bytes to recreate the sound?

I dont have answer for these because of my lack of knowledge. Im curious is it possible.
thank you

mic preamp into bluetooth sender, bluetooth dongle on the PC?

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