sound detect servo control

Hi I am new to all of this so I might sound like an idiot I want to hook up a microphone to the arduino and have it control 1 or two servos. now i understand how to have the arduino control a servo. but what are all the parts needed for the microphone? I have one from sparkfun and I believe i need an amp? which kind should I use and what else do I need?

any thoughts on the code or where I could find help or similar projects?

have been looking on the web but wasn't that successful yet.

thank you

Here is an article for you:

You would need to focus on the audio part and replace the uC with Arduino.

Thanks for the fast reply! great!

what kind of hardware would I need. the same as described on the linked page?

Exactly the same. Up to the input into the uC which, in your case will be different. It’s been tested and it works fine.