Sound Installation: sensor as mute button for audio channels?

Hi! :smiley:

We’re incredibly new to arduino, but am hoping to create an interactive sound installation with the technology. I wanted to see if I could get advice on the best way to achieve the outcome we want.

We want to have three sensors (light sensors maybe?) attached to landline phones that are linked to the mono-channel tracks of three instruments (sax, piano, drums) in a song.

The idea is that when one phone is picked up and the sensor is read, a speaker will play the corresponding instrument’s channel, and when all three phones are picked up, the entire song will play from the speaker.

We were wondering if it was possible to use the sensors essentially as mute buttons on an application like garageband, and if this is even possible to be achieved through using an arduino?

We are really looking for the simplest alternative to the problem. Thanks for any and all advice!!!