Sound Module WTV20

Hi, has anyone ever worked with the sound module WTV20?

I have the module on the Arduino Nano and it works so far, but I have the problem any manual to load on the SD card sounds fails with me or whenever I play something does not come out what it should actually, but any sounds. According to the data sheet, the thing can play WAV and not just AD4 files. But I have not found a solution with how much KHZ and bit the WAV file should be so that the sound “sounds normal”

The 2GB card is FAT formatted. With a test file from the network works the whole wonderful. Only I somehow do not get it to create a suitable file. I wanted to convert an MP3 file into an AD4 file, but somehow there’s the worm in it.

Does anyone have a tip? Many Thanks!

Sorry but your translation comes out a bit funny sounding...

The WTV20 manual has these specifications for audio files.

Supports 4 bit ADCPM formatted files
Sampling rate from 6kHz to 36kHz for AD4 voice format
Sampling rate from 6kHz to 16kHz for WAV voice format

Typical wav files are around 44kHz try converting them to 16kHz. Not exactly High Fidelity sound but should be mostly "Normal".

This author Matthias seems to have solved some of the other issues with this module. [](http://

Good Luck