sound of a flickering neon


I would like to create the sound of a flickering neon using the buzzer Piezo. Does anyone know if that is even possible ? If yes, any idea on how to do so?

Any help appreciated, Thank you


Frequency of 60hz, and use a random number generator to determine lengths of the tone and silence between tones.

Tell us more. Do you want to turn on a led display, let it blink a few times and make a neon-switching-on sound ? Do you have an example of the sound ? The best sounds for the Arduino are with a Sound/Wave/MP3-shield and the sounds could be on a SD card. With only the Arduino it might not be possible. Read this, And have a look at the Mozzi library.

Works great Focalist! Thank you

Erdin, thanks for the reply. Yes, I would like the Led to blink when the neon sound is on. The sound would be something like this

I will look into the Mozzi library for sure. I didn't know you could use real sounds with Arduino, I am not very advanced at using it but I will look into it.

I was able to create a random sound based on Focalist advice, but if I can use a more complex sound that would be better.

Thanks again!

You might take a look at toneAC(),
It has some kind of volume control, allowing to make more sounds.
It can do a little more than the standard tone(), but it is not as sophisticated as Mozzi.

I can’t download the neon sound, so I can’t analyze the frequency !