Sound reactive led strip

Im very new to all this and I've been searching for info on sound reactive led strips using arduino nano, and sound sensor for music to use at a party. ( i also have a Uno but was hoping for the more compact size of the nano.)

But all the info i have found use a 12v 4 wire led strip.

The strip i have has only 3 wires 5v (WS2811 RGB 5050 addressable LED Strip) (5m with 150 leds)

Can anyone point me in the right direction in setting this up, and also with a decent arduino code led color sequence?


Post the link to the project with the 12V strip, a link to the strip you have, and any example code you have working with your strip. I'm sure it will be possible to adapt the other project for your strip. The 12V strip you describe is probably not an individually addressable strip, but your strip is, so you will probably want to improve the project.

Read the "how to use this forum" post to find out how to post pictures, links & code properly.

Finally found a setup close to what i think it should be like

( ),

but i dont think i need the trimpot or the pushbuttons. Also this is based of a 1m strip, would i need to run power to the strip directly for 5mtrs at 30 leds a meter?

A lot of other 12v strips use mosfets , im guessing for 5v i dont need these?

Also i have to search for code to have a nice light display pattern from the music it detects. I am only just starting to look into codeing so am a total noob to all this. Would the **fast-led ** code work for this? or something simular?

The led strip i have is a 5m 5v individually addressable.


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Don't understand how i failed? :confused:

Only thing i can see is maybe the dropbox link, which i have now removed. Couldn't see any issue in the forum rules.

I’m sorry. The forum rules post does not really explain how to post links. But there is an icon that looks like three chain links that allows you to post links in a way that is convenient for the people you are hoping to get help from.

Like this.

You are correct to say you won't need the MOSFETs with your strip. But you will need a high current 5V power supply. You can power the Uno/Nano with it also by connecting the power supply to the Arduino's VIN pin. You must also have a common ground between the Arduino and the strip, but do not route the current through the Arduino board.

Thanks Paul, I will work on it this week and see how i go. :)

PS. Think i worked out the link thing for the led strip i purchased. (30LED/M and 5M)