Sound Reactive Multi-Mode LED project

Hello All!

I am currently trying to develop a project for use in Cars to control LED's for interior use (Footwell Lights Etc)

Currently I have built a circuit that gives me control of a 12v LED output through a regulated 5v ATTINY microcontroller (Programmed with arduino of course)

As it stands currently, I have also managed to get simple LED sound reactive control Through an aux input with a TIP31C transistor. My dilemma is when i come to combine the two projects.

Would anyone be able to advise if there is any possibility of adding sound reactive control to the ATTINY? If so would i still need the TIP31 transistor?

I am also looking to convert this project to surface mount to save space... If there are surface mount versions of the TIP31C that would be ideal!

Thanks In advance for all your help!

Regards; Al

I Can post A picture of the Circuit diagram If it helps!