Sound recorder/player ICs


I wonder if anyone could recommend me a voice recorder IC with random access (8 sample). I found loads of ICs like this but I wonder if there's one with variable speed/pitch. The APR9600 looks promising and can be locked externally but I wonder if it can alter the speed or pitch of playback? Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

No idea about the chips themselves, but you can alter the speed of playback in software, its how all the Arduino wavetable and frequency on frequency synths work.

I assume the samples are stored as 8-bit numbers, to change the playback speed, you just need to step through the samples at a different rate than the original sample rate.

This project plays back wavetables at different rates to create the music you hear using the same idea -

Duane B.

I need something without Arduino. In fact, I'm looking for a chip that does not require ISP or any kind of external controller. The APR series ICs are just like that but you can only buy them in Pakistan...

Hi Alkopop79,

If you don't need hifi sound quality, ISD storage devices might be just what you are looking for. Goto: and click "ISD Voice IC" Also see:

I have been using these IC's for many years for my talking coffee makers and robots. The quality is quite good. For my coffee makers I always use ISD2560, as 1 minute is long enough to store quite some messages. As far as I know (although I never used it), pitch control is possible using very little components.

Good luck, Eibert.

Thank you! I think the Nuvoton ones require an external microcontroller but will check it anyway. Found the APR9600 on Ebay, it's damn expensive unfortunately and it seems it's discontinued. Thank you for your help!

Hi Alkopop79,

I don't know if you are still looking for a soltution, but this (although not cheap at all either) might be interesting too:

Ciao, Eibert.

Thank you Eibert!