Sound sensor - based on ZX-Sound

Hi! I made a sound sensor based on the ZX-sound from inex. I dont know where to put this so here it is..

Awesome Project! I am looking to do something similar but to detect whether or not a hairdryer is on or off. Do you think your design or the zxsound from inex will be able to achieve this? Also why did you decide to modify the original schematic and not use the board? thanks!

Great job. Care to share the code?

Looks good, the right place is - Exhibition / Gallery - BTW...

Indeed a nice board, but there is something wrong with the schematics. Pin 6 is the negative IN, not the positive. So either, the pin number is wrong and the signal is using the inverting entrance or the pin numbers are right and the signal is goint to the non-inverting entrance. Seems to me the latter is the most logical.

You say it is a ‘modified’ circuit. Look spretty mucg identical to the circuit from the ZX manual, but maybe I am overlooking something