sound sensor comparator help

Hi All,
I am new to electronic and I am building a sound trigger for High Speed photography, I know there is simple ones out there but I want it to do a bit more, ie be able to adjust the sensitivity and delay.

So far I have connected the electret mic to a amp and then to a comparator and all worked fine, I connected an LED to the circuit and it reacted to music as I wanted, then I connected the circuit to my Uno board and the LED did flicker but didn't go out, so I took the comparator out of the circuit and the same thing happen.

I found a circuit where the amp was connected to A0 and a POT was connected to A1 for adjusting the sensitivity of the mic, I am new to code so search the web, google and forum for an example but I am having trouble find any thing to help me. I do have the code for the project but it is written in C or C++ which is double dutch to me, and it is coded for a pic16f886.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me or point me in the right direction

but it is written in C or C++

That's handy.

Where is it?

Sorry forgot to add it

Lil (4.65 KB)