Sound sensor (microphone)

I've tried some circuits to preamp a microphone and have arduino read it.
1st circuit didn't actually read anything. Just became a sin function (even replacing the mic for a resistor).
2nd circuit had max value all the time and didn't change its value when I talked on the microphone.
3rd circuit had value around 500 (0 min, 1023 max) and very stable. But the microphone just went up to 600 when I hit the mic against the table.

Does anybody know a good circuit that could amp the mic signal and have high amplitude and sensibility?


3rd circuit sounds like a starting point - post that and we can see about some gain modifications.

We're not psychic, you need to tell us what you're working with.
We need to know what type of microphone you are using, coil, piezo, capacitor etc
Might also be worth posting your other 2 circuits so's we can establish why they didn't work.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Too much work :~

1st Circuit

2nd Circuit (Could not find it's schematic anymore)

3rd Circuit (with 5 [V] )

What I actually need is for it to get sound from a long distance. (up to 10 meters)
It's not that important to get rid of noise, but the noise can't be louder than the actual sound.
I'm using electret microphone. I also would like to know if there is any other type of microphone that would fit my needs better and not be expensive.