Sound sensor to control led brightness.

So i recently got a sound sensor and would like to use it as an analog input to be able to control the brightness of an rgb led depending on how loud a sound is using pwm(not needed right now). i did some research online about how to go about this and the only links i could find were about people using it as a "digital" input, they used it the same way a clapper works, turns xyz on when a certain volume level is reached. but that's not really what i'm looking for. i'd like it to be constantly measuring sound then have it fade based on that measurement. PWM aside how would i get my sound sensor to just read and print what ever sound level that is current.

Please provide a link to the sensor being used.

What experience do you have of programming the Arduino ?

OSEPP - Arduino Compatible Products - Sound Sensor Module is the sensor i bought, and i don't have too much experience coding arduinos. i understand how most of the basic code works, sound sensors are just new to me.

On that page is a source code download. Can't download now but might give you an idea how to work with it.

The example code on the page you quoted does precisely what you are asking for.

It's always worth looking at the example programs provided with things.