Sound sensor use


Is it possible for an Arduino use sound sensor( Sound Sensor - )
By serial point makes the signal into music files (map ,wav...)
By serial point makes the signal into Decibel

Thank You.

  1. The Arduino has a relatively low analogue sample rate of just under 10kHz, implying an audio bandwith of about 5kHz, or a little better than telephony standards.
    However, the Arduino has very little memory (so far as audio samples are concerned) and writing to things like SD cards is relatively slow.
  2. Possibly, if you have a calibrated device.

thank,by the way
if Arduino + sound sensor can get serial port information to save on the computer.
how do i get music files or Decibel by serial port.

change to music files,use ADC(Analog-to-Digital Converter) ??
can give me some direction…thank.

change to Decibel , how doing ??

thank very much.

It is not at all clear from that web site if the sound sensor will produce an audio waveform or is what is known as an envelope detector. The English on that site is very bad. If it is an envelope detector then you can't get music through it anyway.