sound sensor with led string

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We are working on a project where we would like to use a sound sensor (3 pin; Sound Detection Sensor Module) to influence a digital LED string (WS2811 50 LEDS), in such a way that the lights randomly blink (like fireflies :wink: ) when the sound volume is very high. Is there anyone who would could help us out with the code that we need for this? Or maybe has some suggestions?

Please let us know!

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Give us a link to the sound sensor. Are you using it as an on/off for noise or as a variable level?

Also give a link to the LED strip you are using.


This is the LED string:
and here the sound sensor:

The sensor is digital, so we'll just use it to get the lights off when the volume is quite high.

I guess there is a lm393 comparator on the mic board. That make it difficult to get the analog value, you will get a high output whenever soundlevel is more then the level set on the pot-meter.
U'll find many exampes for the LED-strip. Fastled for one.