Sound Sensor

My drawback is that I don’t know which sensor to use, what I want to do is a decibel meter, what I want to do with 10 leds, which are going to turn on according to what the sensor marks, that is why it must have an output analog, the sensors I have in sensors are these:
KY 037
KY 038
We have some other that is better to tell me please, the thing is that I want to know which of them best suits my project. I appreciate a prompt response.
I´m sorry, I don´t speak English. Please help me.

I share, today I bought the KY 038, which I saw is like the same KY037, the thing is that it did not work as expected, I connected it on the analog output of the sensor to the arduino and others (also connect 3 leds, which were turned on according to the value thrown by the sensor, something simple), this in order to be able to see its values on the screen, discouraged me because having the sensor removed from my 30cm it was difficult for these values to increase, the only way was to stick it to my mouth (although I still had to try to make it work), then the sensor works but not for what I want, which is to measure decibels in a place as such, it will not work well, I saw that something like that had to do with the amplifier, The truth little I understand this subject.
So, do you recommend some, or which of these options do you recommend?
I saw that the MAX9814, has an amplifier and so on but that makes me change the size of the decibels, that is to say that the decibels produced are 40, and with that sensor it could be increased or something like that.
And the DFR0034 dice:
"This sensor is frequently used to detect the intensity of sound in the environment, the Arduino can pick up its output signal for reading. It can be used to make a voice-operated switch."
I would greatly appreciate a prompt response, before you understand another sensor: /.