Sound to web page when pushing physical button

Hi everyone,
i have stated project and it seems to go ok till now.
I have an arduino mega with 27 physical buttons and a web server on an sdcard.
When someone pushes a button the corresponding icon in the web page changes state.
How can i add a wav or mp3 “beep” sound on the html page to play when someone pushes a physical button?
In the attachments you can find my arduino code and html page.

call_buttons_ino.txt (23.4 KB)

index.txt (27.8 KB)

This is a web development question and is not related to Arduino.

Search google for "javascript play sound" to find tons of answers to your question.

Thanks for the reply.
So there is no arduino coding involved all have to do with the html file?

You do already change the icon by javascript when the button is pressed. Just extend that function to play the sound.

This should help:

Thank you once more for pointing me to the right direction!!!!