sound triggered 2 relay board

ive got a problem.

im using an lm393 vocal sensor, and an 2 relay board im using this code (from the internet)

//Henry's Bench
//Arduino Sound Detection Sensor Module

int soundDetectedPin = 10; // Use Pin 10 as our Input
int soundDetectedVal = HIGH; // This is where we record our Sound Measurement
boolean bAlarm = false;

unsigned long lastSoundDetectTime; // Record the time that we measured a sound

int soundAlarmTime = 500; // Number of milli seconds to keep the sound alarm high

void setup ()
  pinMode (soundDetectedPin, INPUT) ; // input from the Sound Detection Module
void loop ()
  soundDetectedVal = digitalRead (soundDetectedPin) ; // read the sound alarm time
  if (soundDetectedVal == LOW) // If we hear a sound
    lastSoundDetectTime = millis(); // record the time of the sound alarm
    // The following is so you don't scroll on the output screen
    if (!bAlarm){
      Serial.println("LOUD, LOUD");
      bAlarm = true;
    if( (millis()-lastSoundDetectTime) > soundAlarmTime  &&  bAlarm){
      bAlarm = false;

But i cant get it working with my relay board, the serial reads "LOUD, LOUD"

but if im trying

if ("LOUD, LOUD")
    digitalWrite(CH1, HIGH);        
    digitalWrite(CH1, LOW);        

Nothing seems to work,

(im using an arduino uno)