Sound-Vibration Motor

I want to make a sound activated wristband.
Sound must activate a vibration Motor, it is preferable if the sound can be controlled by adjustable Decibel levels.
Thank you

OK, go for it. What have you got so far? How big of a device are you contemplating? How heavy? Have a drawing?


Hi, no drawing. It needs to be light, so that it can be worn on the wrist.

Sound must activate a vibration Motor

Please define which motor you are using that is activated by sound. And how.

Seems to me that a microcontroller is needed to "activate" the motor, and that it would need to read some undefined sound sensor.

can be controlled by adjustable Decibel levels.

How will you make the adjustment? What, exactly, is the relationship between decibel value and the state of the motor (pin).

What kind of sound sensor are you using? Determining the volume of the sound, based on instantaneous readings from a microphone, for instance, is not a trivial task. Some frequencies sound louder, to the human ear, than others. They all sound the same to a microphone.

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Can you tell us the application?
Why do you want a wristband to vibrate if it hears a sound above a particular level?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile: