Sound + wii nunchuck

Firstly I have been a long time lurker here in the forums reading everyones projects and getting idea’s from random stuff to make. And this forum is really helpful. I am here to ‘humbly’ ask for some expert help! lol I just can’t find a good way to approach this the way I want to. I have been googling forever and not finding what I need it to do.

I am looking for the best way to play sounds from my arduino without a shield. I made an sd card adapter I made a long time ago I could use with a ttl level converter I have but since the arduino can already play freqs/notes I was looking at that route. Then just modulate sounds from the movement of the wii nunchuck(If I have enough sketch space if not I can just store on the sd card.) I don’t know how to best start to do this. How would I effectually convert the sounds(mp3 or wav) to freqs, notes, or midi etc. Or read from sd card the sounds. Basically I am trying to make a lightsaber with parts I already have. I just can’t find a way to do the lightsaber sounds. ‘Hum’ when it is stable/movement sounds when moving/hit sound when movement stops suddenly. I am prototyping with my arduino mega (1280) then plan to make a standalone using a ATmega328.



You might be able to attach a (small) speaker directly to an output pin, or probably better, via a transistor.

I am a bit doubtful about playing MP3 files - they tend to be quite a few Kb in size, and you only have 2 Kb of RAM on an Atmega328. As for converting them into frequencies, well, pffft! MP3 files are compressed, they would get larger if you "converted" them into straight tones.

Playing tones with the Tone library certainly should be feasible.

Well the lightsaber hum is basically a repeating sound so it would not be big at all. And I was thinking of just modulating the sound for the movement as to save space. I was just looking at the best way to get that data to an sketch. Or I could always save them on the sd card, if I did that It would be more accurate sound and I could have the blade power up and down sound as well. I know there are waveshields/mp3 shields but I am just looking the best way to build this with out a shield. And I have sounds in mp3/wav formats and probably find other formats online.