Soundgin (sound/speech synthesis on a chip)

Soundgin ( is a serially controlled sound/speech synthesizer. I was looking into connecting one to an Arduino for sound generation on a project I'm making.

I have a schematic for connecting it to a PIC, which I believe would be analogous to connecting it to the appropriate Arduino pins that I designate using software SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin).

There are 4 connections to the PIC: serial in (which I would connect to RX), serial out (TX), ground (duh), and input. The input PIC pin is connected to the CTS pin of the Soundgin chip.

Aside from the fact that I might have TX and RX backwards in the above example, my problem is that I don't know what should be connected to CTS, if anything. I'm not finding any specific on this within the serial tutorials on the Arduino site. I did find another forum post on integrating bluetooth that suggested I should just connect RTS and CTS to one another, or else nothing at all. (here: This is probably specific to this bluetooth modem though.

Would I need to connect CTS to anything on the Arduino? FYI I'm using the 0007 version of board.

The PIC schematic is on p. 40 here:

Thanks for any and all help!

[edit: alternately, let me know if there are any other serial communication methods that would be better. There are several serial tutorials on the Arduino main page that I believe reference older versions of Arduino that I'm somewhat confused by]

do you find anything? you solved it?

any info on this would be greatly greatly appreciated

If you aren't determined to use the SoundGin, you might be interested in.....

Which explains using the similar "SpeakJet".

Even if you are, there will be things in that which may be useful to you.