Source code printer formatting

Newbie here.
Just trying to print out some source code and find it strangely formatted - not like the screen display. Forum search yields 3 yr old posts. What's the current workaround?

Probably copy and paste to another editor or open the file in another editor and print it from there. Notepad+ is generally well though of but there are plenty of other editors available.

I am using version 1.05 of the Arduino IDE. In addition to lots of printer bugs, there are serious editor bugs (eg, changing a character that doesn't match the screen cursor position...). Too many to be anything but a time waster.

Please tell me if these bugs are unique to v 1.05. If not, what IDE is being used by serious software developers?

Please tell me if these bugs are unique to v 1.05. If not, what IDE is being used by serious software developers?

I'm building and using a eclipse plugin (works on linux mac and windows). There are many other options like visual studio plugin and codebloks or amtel studio (which is basically visual studio) also with a arduino plugin.
And finally I think worth mentioning is eried better version of the Arduino ide.
In short there are lots of options and probably there is also a solution that starts from your preferred "serious software developer ide"
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Thanks for the tips. I will check them out.

I can't say that I have noticed any bugs when editing code using the 1.0.5 IDE, certainly not one that causes a character to change at anything but the cursor position. What are the "Too many to be anything but a time waster." bugs that you have found ? I have not tried printing from the IDE as I have never needed to but the problem could be caused by the printer driver.

What OS are you using ?

Well, it has been often said that a great way to find software bugs is to let a newbie try to operate it. I certainly fit that criterion.
I downloaded some Arduino code for the Dagu Mini Biped robot just to see how it worked. The screen image looked fine on the Arduino IDE and it compiled OK. So I tried to print the source code for the grandkids and that is where the trouble started.

The lines of printed code were stretched out horizontally and just clipped off (no word wrap) so that comments were impossible to read even in landscape mode. Specifically, many #define statements and variable declarations had their arguments right shifted out to the comment as though the // was behaving like a tab character. Other lines and fields were right shifted as though controlled by a random number generator. I was not able to edit these out with the Arduino editor. Arguments on uncommented lines were not shifted right.

I changed the font size to 10 point. However, 10 pt was unreadable on my 1920 x 1080 monitor (font resolution problem?). So I had to switch the font size back and forth as I did alternating printer tests and edits. This is when the edit cursor got out of sync with the screen cursor. I suspect that the Preferences code was not fully changing state when font size was changed.

I also experienced (seeming) random selections of pages to print: Sometimes page 1-2 would print when I had selected page 5-6. Sometimes completely blank pages or no pages would print etc. etc. BTW, my Canon inkjet printer works properly with all my other software.

At this point I realized that the Arduino editor was not quite ready for prime time. :disappointed_relieved:

BTW, my OS is Vista 32 bit.

Printing sounds like it is shafted good and proper.
What about the other bugs that you have found ? Can you describe them ?