Source for an impact switch or similar

I’m trying to track down some impact switches for a project, but I don’t see them available anywhere (I only need a handful, not 500+). I’m looking for something along the lines of what this product uses:

Product description says “We use multiple Impact Activated LED lights inside of the bags” but no details beyond that (I’m assuming they don’t have a small accelerometer inside it). I’m trying to have some LEDs turn on on impact, with a compact size. Anyone have any suggestions or tips? Thanks!

How about something like this?

What sort of impact do you need to detect? You may be able to use a piezo element (i.e. knock sensor).

these work well. you can also build your own! if you think about it... its pretty simple. A (heavy) contact held on a springy insulator... when it wiggles to much... it makes contact. with the other part of the "switch" thus closing the circuit

Good stuff, I'll give it a shot! I've not used piezos much so wouldn't have even thought about them.